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What is Perspective4-life?

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Perspective4-life aims to help people live more stable, successful, and satisfying lives.

The thesis statement is, “We live it how we see it”.

Perspective4-life was founded by Ryan Penny and is based on his own model of human thinking, behavior, learning and growth.

The model is multi-faceted and presented in the form of seven, interconnected concept diagrams:

1- The 4 core elements

2- The mind map

3- The perspective lens

4- The thinking, living, learning & growth cycle

5- The feelings guide

6- The big picture

7- The holistic health equation

The diagrams have assessment and therapeutic value. They are used in the coaching and self-help material to guide a better understanding of what motivates us, how we perceive things, the limitations we have, and the way we learn and grow.

The idea is that what defines and drives our behavior is our outlook. As such, if we want to change how we live, it can only come from a change in our perspective. In our world, natural laws exist, and cause and effect can be reasonably known. The more closely our perspective is aligned with “factual” reality, the better positioned we can be to interpret life and navigate our path toward greater stability, success, and satisfaction.

Perspective4-life does not label disorders or diseases. Instead, it simply shows how things work and how different definitions, beliefs, and perspectives will likely influence our interpretation of the world and the choices we make. It also shows how the actions that result from those choices tend to have predictable outcomes and how those outcomes are likely to be experienced, learned from, and then cycled back into growing knowledge, subsequent choices, actions, and experiences. The insights offered throughout the process of P4L coaching builds agency, empowering us to arrive at reliable conclusions for ourselves that provide clarity and direction as we continue the path toward stability, success, and a greater sense of overall satisfaction.

Perspective4-life is principle based. It identifies principal problems and offers principal solutions, which means that the coaching and self-help is delivered without the need for personal or circumstantial particulars. With us free to share or hold back information based on the level of comfort and trust we feel, without the lack of details being a hinderance to progress, results tend to be seen more quickly, which adds to the benefit of the Perspective4-life approach.

Perspective4-life is flexible in its delivery and application. It can be presented in-person or online, to individuals and groups.

Perspective4-life in summary - Perspective4-life offers insight into how we (as people) think, behave, and learn. It aims to help us see things as close to reality as possible so that we can interpret more reasonably, learn more reliably, make better choices, and enjoy better outcomes on the path to becoming more stable, useful, productive, and satisfied people.

How does Perspective4-life work?

A philosophical model of how we, as people, think, live, learn and grow for more stable, successful, useful, productive, and satisfying lives

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"Perspective forms the framework for how we perceive, live, learn, and experience life."

Perspective4-life aims to help us align our perspective worlds with the real world so that we can:
1. Perceive Better  
2. Interpret Better
3. Filter better 
4. Conclude better
5. Choose better
6. Behave better
7. Learn Better
8. Grow into our true potential 
In so doing live more stable, successful, useful, productive, and satisfying lives

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