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Join me for a Free Webinar on Friday 5th January at 10am on How to Manage your Feelings by Learning from Them

There is great value in growing good emotional intelligence.

Understanding feelings and a strong emotional intelligence is helpful in many areas of life and can benefit:

Personal Growth


Conflict Resolution



Workplace Dynamics


Cultural Sensitivity


Mental and Physical Health

In this webinar I will be sharing the insights I share with my patients.

I will be discussing:

1. What emotions are

2. Where they come from

3. Why we have them and how they work

4. How we minimize the problems they can lead to

5. How to learn from them and grow emotional intelligence 

6. How to manage them in ways that are good for us and the people we live with 

In this webinar I will reveal what I believe to be the single most important thing to identify and use to better understand ourselves and others when it comes to emotions.

DATE: 5th January 2024

TIME: 10am - 11am


The link will be available on completing the signup and sent via email

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I want to join the zoom webinar with Ryan on Friday 5th January at 10am. 
Sign me up!

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