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The online experience


I've had the opportunity to work with so many people over the years, and over that time, I've developed practical approaches to thinking, eating, moving, resting, and supplementing for optimal health. I do enjoy one-on-one interaction tremendously, but an obvious disadvantage is restricted reach. I would like to offer more people what I have. I would like those who I would not ordinarily have opportunity to see in the consulting room have access to Perspective4-life material. Now, with some of the fantastic platforms that are out there, I now have opportunity to extend the reach and help more people look, feel, and perform their best. This is the Perspective4-life online experience.

The courses


The online courses are based on my professional experience and feature the types of explanations and practical recommendations that I provide to the patients I work with. I'm trying to make the videos as personalized as possible in order to simulate as close to an engaging, one-on-one experience as possible.

Something Better - Course thumbnail.png
Acceptance course - thumbnail .png
Perspective4-life course guide.png

The best approach to these courses:

  • Take your time.

  • Take notes and absorb the information.

  • Think through the content - Challenge it. Look for gaps or inaccuracies.

  • Take what is valuable to you - Pick the flowers and leave the weeds. Grow your Perspective, your "mental picture" of life, and align it as closely to reality as possible.

  • Put what you have learned into action. Don't hesitate to try.

  • Refine the process and you will continue grow along the way.

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